Mexican Twitter’s counterproposal to Trump: Make Arizona Mexico Again!

The point, of course... is that the US-Mexico border that Donald Trump and others treat as inviolable has actually shifted substantially over time — and the very places where Americans today are most liable to imagine an "invasion" of immigrants in fact belonged to Mexico long before they ever belonged to America.

Probably doesn't help either that the reason US immigrants took Texas from Mexico was to have slaves when Mexico was abolishing slavery... a full 36 years before the United States would do the same. 

Fairytale Foxes

It is official. Leicester City have won the Premier League. 

What may be hard for the old guard of the American sporting world is that there wasn't one game to miss. Real football is an epic compared to the drawn out TV drama that is most other sports. 90 minutes this week, 90 minutes the next. It truly is Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and every other binge worthy series. Leicester's victory show cases what John Oliver told the American public would never be possible. 

NBCSports has done an incredible look back at this season in the source link below. If you didn't catch the magic, go back and get caught up. Season 120 of England's top flight football begins August 13th.

Didier Drogba Effect

Having been a Manchester United fan and MLS fan for the past 5 years, Drogba has been loosely on my radar. That is until last year when his arrival in Montreal took a team that looked like it didn't even belong in the first league and turned it into a force of beautiful play and excitement.

The real story here though is the man, a human, a citizen of a war torn country, having "baller" status and using it for good. Inciting cease fires instead of riots; peace instead of persecution.  That I believe is what football should be about. Drogba has done incredible things for the game and I know his impact in his country of birth will continue long after he hangs up his boots.